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This Nursing Guide’ s content mainly divided into two Volumes.
1. Vol I
2. Vol II
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This Nursing Guide’s content mainly divided into three important parts as follows:-

Part-I     (i)       How to understand the Anatomy of MCQs.

(II)          Classification of MCQs/ITEMs.

(iii)          Study and Exam Preparation tips with test taking techniques/strategies.

(iv)         Test and language basics.

(v)          Glossary of English words commonly encountered in Nursing Examinations.

(vi)         Common Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes (vii) Abbreviations used in Prescriptions.

(viii)       Common Suffixes Pertaining to Pharmacology Questions.

(ix)         Important NCLEX MCQs

Part-II   (i)   Nursing Courses Entrance Exam Papers (i) For M.Sc. Nursing      Course.

(ii) For Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing Course.(Total Papers -16)

  1. Various Nursing Recruitment Exam Papers. (i) For Clinical Instractor. (ii) For PHN/JPHN Post (iii) For Nursing Tutor Post (iv) For Staff Nurse/Sister Grade-I/II Post (v) For ANM / Domestic Nursing Assistant. (Total Papers – 54)
  2. Memory Based. (Total papers -10 Papers)

Part-III  (i)            Metric Measurement and SI Units of Measurements.

(ii)           Equivalents and Dosages Calculations.

(iii)          Normal laboratory Reference Values/ Ranges

(iv)         NANDA’s  Approved Nursing Diagnosis.

(v)          National Patient Safety Goals and Guidelines

(vi)         Standards of Nursing Care Practice.

(vii)        Prefix/Suffix/Root words and their related body parts with examples.

(viii)       Body parts name and their related Prefix/Suffix/Root words.

(ix)         Physiologic changes in Aging Process.

(x)         Bibliography or Reference books.


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